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Friday, January 28, 2022

Confidential Online TIPP Information System

If the occurrence is ongoing or taking place now, call the TIPP line at 1-800-667-7561 or #5555 from a Sasktel cell phone.

Use this form to report known or suspected environmental, fisheries, wildlife, or forestry violations. You do not have to provide your name. However, it is helpful if a Conservation Officer can follow up on your report.

Section 1: Violation Information

Description of Suspects:

Success of the investigation is limited without some detailed information of the suspects. Please complete as much as you can.

Suspect's name
Age or approximate age
How many?
Eye colour
Hair colour/style/facial hair
Physical attributes (tattoos, scars, piercing)
Other features (accent, mannerisms)

Vehicles Involved

Type of vehicles
Licence plate and Make
Model and Color

Include as much detail as possible:

Did you see the violation?
Date and time
Type of violation
Violator’s actions/comments
Type of fishing or hunting equipment

Want to attach some pictures or videos?


List the name, address and phone number for each witness

Additional Comments:

Please provide any additional information not included above

Section 2: Caller Information

You can remain anonymous but success of an investigation may require the investigating officer to get more details. If you are okay with an officer contacting you please complete the contact information. Your information will only be disclosed to the investigating officer.

Last Name:
First Name:
Address (Street):
Postal Code:
Email Address:

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