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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Ministry of Environment is responsible for the management and disposition of Crown resource lands for the Government of Saskatchewan. Crown agricultural lands are administered by the Ministry of Agriculture and more information may be found at

The Ministry of Environment occasionally offers parcels of Crown resource land for sale; the ministry also offers interested parties the opportunity to enter a draw for available leasing opportunities.  

Crown Resource Land Sales:

Generally, Crown land is sold in three ways:
• to an existing lessee;
• after issuing a request for proposals or public tender offer; or
• in response to an unsolicited proposal.

Certain categories of leased land are available for purchase by the existing lessee only. In these instances, the lessee triggers a potential purchase by making a request. There is no requirement to buy the land and lessees can choose to continue leasing the property under a long-term lease.

The ministry may also offer for sale unoccupied Crown lands that it has identified, by tender, through a request for proposals or via a realtor. All these processes are advertised and open to all interested parties. For information about Crown land currently available for sale, click here.

The ministry also receives unsolicited proposals for developments that include a request to purchase Crown lands. The ministry reviews these, ensuring that environmental and resource impacts are considered before any sale takes place. To make sure that the process is transparent and that the public has the opportunity to comment, information about proposals under active consideration will be posted on this website for at least 30 days before a final decision is made. For information about proposals currently under consideration, click here.

Crown Resource Land Leases:

A limited number of leasing opportunities may be made available to the public on a lottery basis. Available leases will be listed on this web site; interested parties may submit their name for a random draw to determine a successful candidate, who will be offered a long-term lease, pending receipt of the appropriate fees and (if applicable) a plan to remediate any outstanding issues. All conditions pertaining to Crown resource land leases apply. For information about current leasing opportunities, click here.

Navigating the Ministry web site

Anyone can navigate to this site and browse the current list of sale or lease opportunities.  If no sale or lease opportunities are displayed, nothing is currently available.

From the list of opportunities, you may review further details by clicking on the appropriate link.

If available, the Web site will include a digital photo(s) of the property.  Any internet browser should have the ability to display the pictures by selecting the associated document link.

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