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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Permits can be obtained by downloadable pdf, online or at your local Ministry of Environment office. Once completed, either; return to the nearest office; email (if available) or submit through the general document function.

If you have an application that is ready for submission to the ministry, click on the Sign-in function and log in and/or create your profile. Once logged in, you can upload your documents through the General Document Submission.

For more information or assistance, contact the Client Service office at 1-800-567-4224.

Air Quality
1. Operate an Industrial Source, Incinerator or Fuel Burning Equipment
2. Alter, Add or Change an Industrial Source, Incinerator or Fuel Burning Equipment

Crown Lands
1. Purchase Crown Land
2. Crown Land Disposition – Lease or Permit
3. Assignment of Lease as Collateral Security
4. Request for Assignment - Lease, Permit or Wild Rice Licence
5. Wild Rice Application for Permit or Licence

Environmental Assessment
1. Ministerial Determination

Fishing and Fisheries
1. Competitive Fishing Event Standard Requirements
2. Competitive Fishing Event Notification Form
3. Competitive Fishing Event Application Form  
4. Competitive Fishing Event Summary Form
5. Lakeshore Development Permit
6. Application for a Fish Farm Licence

1. Prune, Store, Use, Market or Transport Elm Trees [contact your local ministry office]
2. Grazing Permit [contact your local ministry office]

Hazardous Materials
1. Construct or Upgrade and Operate a Storage Facility     
2. Decommission a Storage Facility 

Hunting, Trapping and Wildlife
1.  Sale of Wildlife 
2.  Export Permit for Wild Game Taken Under First Nation Bylaws
3.  Wildlife Import/Export Permit 
4.  Captive Wildlife Permit for Falconry Purposes
5.  Capture of Wild Raptors
6.  Falconry Import/Export
7. Hunting with a Disability
8. Hunt With or Assist Treaty Indian Subsistence Hunter [Contact your local ministry office]
9. Research Permit in the Saskatchewan Provincial Park System
10. Research Permits

1. Construct, Alter or Expand a Storage Facility
2. Operate an Industrial Effluent Works

Landfills and Transfer Stations
1. Permit to Establish a Waste Disposal Ground
2. Permit to Operate a Waste Disposal Ground
3. Approval to Establish, Construct and/or Operate a Transfer Station

1. Approval of Decommissioning Plan and Fund
2. Operate a Pollutant Control Facility
3. Decommission and Reclaim a Pollutant Control Facility
4. Temporarily Close a Pollutant Control Facility
5. Release from Decommissioning and Reclamation Requirements

1. Outfitter's Licence
2. Surrender of an Outfitter's Licence

Potable/Hygienic Water
1. Operate a Waterworks

Sewage Works
1. Operate a Sewage Works - Mechanical
2. Operate a Sewage Works - Lagoon
3. Construct, Extend, or Alter a Sewage Works - Mechanical
4. Construct, Extend or Alter a Sewage Works - Lagoon 

Spills and Impacted Sites
1. 30 Day Written Spill Report Form
2. Corrective Action Plan 
3. Closure Report and Release Responsibility
4. Application for Approved Reclamation Technology
5. Visual Site Assessment Checklist (VSA)
6. File Search and Freedom of Information Request

Waste: Liquid Domestic and Sewage

  1. Transport and Dispose Liquid Domestic Waste
  2. Dispose of Domestic Sewage

1. Burning Permit Notifications

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