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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The following acts and regulations are administered by the Ministry of Environment and are available in pdf format. The url links below are provided with the consent of the Queen’s Printer for Saskatchewan pursuant to Government of Saskatchewan copyright policies. Printed copies of the legislation are also available through the Queen’s Printer website. To order or subscribe, please visit


The Conservation Easements Act
Encourages private landowners, conservation organizations and governments to protect ecologically sensitive lands and natural areas through voluntary agreements.

The Ecological Reserves Act
Protects unique, natural ecosystems and landscape features through the designation of Crown land as ecological reserves.

The Environmental Assessment Act
Provides a practical means to ensure that development proceeds with adequate environmental safeguards and in a manner broadly understood by and acceptable to the public through the integrated assessment of environmental impact.

The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010
Protects the air, land and water resources of the province through regulating and controlling potentially harmful activities and substances.

The Fisheries Act (Saskatchewan), 1994
Enables sustainable management of fisheries resources by affirming provincial ownership of fish, creating a provincial licensing system, and regulating allocation of fish resources, fish marketing, aquaculture, sport fishing and commercial fishing.

The Forestry Professions Act
Establishes the Association of Saskatchewan Forestry Professionals, an organization independent of government and industry, responsible for ensuring that its members maintain required standards for competency and conduct.

The Forest Resources Management Act
Allows the ministry to implement a framework for sustainable management of Saskatchewan's forest resources.

The Natural Resources Act
(subject to OC 208/96) Establishes the province's mandate to manage, protect, conserve and develop renewable resources in a sustainable manner.

The Provincial Lands Act
Creates authority for the management and transfer of Crown lands.

The Sale or Lease of Certain Lands Act
Gives Cabinet the ability to place conditions on the transfer or lease of lands listed in a schedule to this Act.

The Water Appeal Board Act
Establishes the Water Appeal Board and enables the board to hear appeals regarding water, sewage and drainage issues.

The Wildlife Act, 1998
Provides for the management, conservation and protection of wildlife resources through the issuance and revocation of licences, the prosecution of wildlife offences and the establishment of annual hunting seasons.

The Wildlife Habitat Protection Act
Provides for the management, conservation and protection of wildlife lands and wildlife by preventing the sale and alteration of certain Crown lands.

Legislation - Not Yet In Force
The Management and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases Act was passed but is not yet proclaimed.

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