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Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Go Green Fund was a $60 million commitment between 2008 and 2015 by the Government of Saskatchewan to help people, communities, non-government organizations and businesses address the province’s most important environmental issues.

While the Go Green Fund is no longer accepting applications at this time, it supported more than 60 environmental initiatives that helped contribute to the following objectives.

  • Reduction or avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions, measured as tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent reduced, sequestered or avoided;
  • Conservation of water supplies, measured as litres of water saved;
  • Maintenance or restoration of water quality to meet established standards, measured as litres of water upgraded or safeguarded from its prior or estimated degraded status;
  • Biodiversity conservation, measured as hectares of land protected or under biodiversity management;
  • Reduction of waste, measured as kilograms of waste reduced or diverted; and
  • Enhanced education and public awareness of priority environmental issues. Dissemination of information about successful research and demonstration projects through technology forums and workshops, and posting of project reports on the Go Green website contributed to achieving this objective.

The Go Green Fund supported research and demonstration projects and technological innovations, using a range of public/private partnerships and agencies. The Go Green Fund provided $5 million to the Aquistore project administered by the Petroleum Technology Research Centre, which evaluated the effectiveness of permanently and safely storing carbon dioxide in deep geological formations near the Boundary Dam power plant. In 2012, Deloitte completed an evaluation of the value for money of the Go Green Fund and concluded there were significant environmental benefits from supporting the research and demonstration of new and innovative environmental technologies.

The Province of Saskatchewan retains a strong commitment to fostering new technological innovations that will help address environmental issues and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). We are working with the federal government to develop industrial GHG performance standards that will promote the adoption of best available control technologies for reducing emissions.

In addition, the Ministry of Environment is working with industry and other stakeholders to define best practices and process improvements that can contribute to reducing GHG emission intensity and increasing energy efficiency across the economy, to enhance competitiveness and sustain economic growth.

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