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Monday, April 21, 2014

Conservation officers are responsible for protecting Saskatchewan's environment and natural resources and ensuring those resources are managed and used wisely. Conservations officers enforce both provincial and federal resources legislation and are duly appointed as special constables with full police powers under the authority of the criminal code of Canada.

In addition to enforcement duties, conservation officers participate in a wide variety of activities including nuisance wildlife control, resource management, activities such as wildlife and fisheries surveys, management of public lands, public information and education, and other related duties.

Saskatchewan continues to have clean air and water, and an abundance of natural resources. A conservation officer helps to safeguard these resources through a clear and consistent policy of mandatory compliance through education, prevention and enforcement.

For shoreline work, competitive fishing events, sale of wildlife, licence vendor, disabled hunting, assisting treaty Indian hunters, sewage hauling, etc.

Informative fact sheet on a career as a Conservation Officer with the Ministry of Environment.

Anglers who are convicted of violating Saskatchewan's Fisheries Act or The Fisheries Regulations may now lose their fishing privileges for one to five years.

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