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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Aviation Operations is responsible to deliver a safe, efficient and cost effective aviation program that meets Wildfire Management Branch's needs as well as providing an air attack program that meets national standards.

Saskatchewan Environment established Aviation Operations in 2003 to manage all aircraft that are used in the Wildfire program. This includes Northern Air Operations (NAO), which operates as a Commercial Air Service doing Aerial Work under Canadian Aviation Regulations part 702. NAO can work out of country under operations specification NAFTA - Specialty Air Services (Aerial Work) Operations.

Aviation Operations provides the core air tanker needs for Saskatchewan, through the highest standards of aircraft maintenance, professional highly skilled flight crews, and the utmost in safety.

Airtankers have proven to be very effective in combating forest fires. However, with escalating costs of aircraft and fire retardant, effectiveness alone is not sufficient. Therefore, the operation must be conducted, not only safely and effectively, but efficiently as well.

The other facet of Aviation Operations is Aviation Services, which include the long and short term contracting of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to assist in the prevention, detection and suppression of wildfires. To also assure safe use of these aircraft and continuously seek ways of improving aircraft use to attain best value for money.

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