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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Focused on Results
Changing the nature of how the ministry does business involves several major initiatives including new and amended legislation, compiling regulations into a streamlined code, transforming our IT systems, introducing a Client Service Office to help people navigate their way through the ministry's business, and improving how compliance and enforcement is conducted.

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Why change?
As our population and economy continue to grow, so too does the demand for our resources and the pressures on our air, land and water.  A healthy environment and a healthy economy are not mutually exclusive.  In the past, a 'command and control' model worked reasonably well.  The expertise resided within the government and government could tell proponents exactly what was needed to achieve compliance with the province's environmental rules. 

The old system required significant ministry resources and specialized expertise.  Environmental knowledge and technical skills have expanded profoundly surpassing government's capacity to be the expert on solutions. 

Rapidly advancing technology, the demand for more specialized expertise and the accelerated pace of development has challenged the ministry's ability to be as effective.  Our focus has changed to an important question for which every activity that has an impact on our environment requires an answer—what is the desired outcome the regulated proponent needs to achieve?

Saskatchewan's new way of protecting the regulated environment is to define the desired outcome by law and empower the operator to determine how that standard will be achieved or surpassed.


A CODE: A clear, concise statement of the policies, objectives and best practices that govern the management and protection of the environment in Saskatchewan.

EMPHASIS ON OUTCOMES: Developers/licensees/citizens are accountable for meeting compulsory parts of the code and finding the most appropriate methods and processes to achieve the outcomes.

COMPLIANCE KNOWLEDGE BASE: Enhanced educational efforts will improve everyone's understanding of how and why to comply with province's new Environmental Code.

ONLINE BUSINESS SERVICES: Doing business online will save time and resources and result in faster service.

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