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Friday, May 27, 2016

The recommendations presented in this Regional Environmental Study final report focus on sustaining the ecological integrity of the Great Sand Hills (GSH) and are grounded in the ecological realities of natural, human, and economic capital for the GSH region. Our methods focused on integrating biodiversity information in strategic environmental assessment on landscape and regional scales.

The Great Sand Hills Scientific Advisory Committee has given careful consideration to issues of ecological integrity of the Great Sand Hills and to the situation faced by local communities. The recommendations of the SAC are designed to contribute towards a sustainable future for the GSH and its communities using a balanced approach founded on principles of sustainable development.

Our recommendations are based upon our scientific studies of the past two years and our assessment of past studies and plans for the GSH. All of our recommendations are consistent with our preferred sustainability scenario. We suggest that our recommendations, and the studies on which they are based, be considered in their entirety as an integrated package serving the needs of regional communities and the people of Saskatchewan.

Great Sand Hills Regional Environmental Study 
     Table of Contents
     Executive Summary
     Part 1 - Introduction of Study
     Part 2 - Baseline Assessment Report
     Part 3 - Projected Trends and Alternative Future Scenarios
     Part 4 - Recommendations
Appendix A - Landcover Classification
          Appendix B - Landcover Classification Maps
          Appendix C - Saskatchewan Grassland Range Health Assessment
          Appendix D - Grassland Range Health Assessment - Score Sheet
          Appendix E - Biodiversity Core Area Characteristics & General Location
          Appendix F - Biodiversity Core Area Identification, Type & Size
          Appendix G - Biodiversity Core Areas Land Descriptions - Section, Townships & Range
          Appendix H - List of Commissioned Reports

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