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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
  • Fish and Wildlife Development Fund lands are open to public hunting.  Vehicle use is not permitted except to retrieve legally killed big game animals.
  • Hunters are welcome in the Dundurn Range and Training Area; however, safety briefs are mandatory for all users of the area.  Phone (306) 492-2212 for dates and timing when briefings will be given or if you have any questions regarding open areas and timings.
  • There are six National Wildlife Areas open to hunting in the province: Last Mountain Lake; Stalwart; Webb; Prairie; Bradwell; and Tway.  For information on these areas and restrictions applying to them contact the Canadian Wildlife Service at (306) 975-4087.
  • Fort a la Corne Wildlife Management Unit and all provincial parks, regional parks and recreation sites are closed to hunting unless otherwise specified.  Firearms must be encased unless you have a hunting licence valid in one of these areas.
  • All remaining wildlife management units are included in the wildlife management zone that surrounds them and are open for hunting during the times specified in regulation.  Many of these areas are AAFC pastures and are subject to the conditions outlined in the “AAFC and SPP Pastures” section in this guide.
  • Road corridor game preserves prohibit all hunting within 400 metres of selected roads in the provincial forest.  While traveling through road corridor game preserves firearms must be encased and kept inside vehicles.  Licensed hunters in road corridor game preserves may carry unloaded firearms from a vehicle to the edge of the game preserve by the most direct route and return in the same manner.
  • Excluding any privately owned land, only residents of the following communities may hunt big game within a 16 kilometre (10 mile) radius of their community:  Beauval; Black Lake; Buffalo Narrows; Camsell Portage; Cree Lake; Deschambault; Dillon; Fond du Lac; Ile-á-la-Crosse; Kinoosao; La Loche; La Ronge; Patuanak; Pelican Narrows; Pinehouse; Primeau Lake; Sandy Bay; Southend; Stanley Mission; Stony Rapids; Turnor Lake; and Wollaston.
  • Indian reserves are closed to licensed hunting unless permission is granted by the Chief or Band Council.

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