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Friday, December 15, 2017

Lands Registry

Any disposition (lease, easement or permit) on Crown resource land is the responsibility of the Land Registry Section of the Lands Branch. The current portfolio includes more than 9,000 dispositions on Crown land.

All Crown land use requires written authorization from the Ministry of Environment before any development or occupation of the land can occur. The Lands Registry is responsible to ensure these uses comply with ministry policy and legislation. The Parks Service Branch administers leases for businesses operating on park land; all other park and resource land leases are administered through Environment's Land Registry.

Administration of the land occurs in two locations in the province: Regina administers land south of the Northern Saskatchewan Administrative District while Prince Albert looks after the land within the Northern Saskatchewan Administrative District. The Prince Albert office also coordinates activities for wild rice and sand and gravel programs.

Application forms for proposed land uses should be submitted to the local Ministry of Environment office and discussed with the local conservation officer or regional land manager. The regional land manager should be contacted for larger proposals (like cottage subdivision or other development initiatives) while permit requests can be directed to the local office.

Application to Purchase Crown Land

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