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Monday, May 30, 2016

All non-resident hunters exporting game taken from First Nations Lands must obtain a provincial Export permit.

Provincial export permits are an important part of ensuring that we address the risk of transmitting diseases that affect deer and elk. The export permit provides assurance to America officials and the officials of other Canadian jurisdictions doing border inspections on animal product entering from Saskatchewan that the animals in question are part of the legal national and international trade in wildlife and wildlife product.

The following procedures apply for import and export of wildlife and wildlife product including antlers, capes etc:

  • Hunters taking product from wild game out of the province must have their animal product tagged in accordance with the regulations they were taken under. In the case of wild animal product taken under a First Nation licence, it must be tagged with the licence that authorized the hunt and be accompanied by a provincial Export Permit issued by the Ministry of Environment at no cost.

  • Hunters taking product from a game farm animal out of the province must be able to produce documentation that the product has been taken from a licensed game farm or a First Nation that has developed a comprehensive Bylaw that meets the provincial requirements for export and animal product identification. This proof is normally provided in the form of a Game Farm Product Export Certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • All game farm animals entering the province must meet the conditions established in a provincial import protocol for disease screening and the importer must have an import permit issued by the Ministry of Environment.

  • Imports not covered by a provincial import permit are considered unlawful imports and the importer is subject to charges under The Wildlife Act (Saskatchewan) and The Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act (Canada) (WAPPRITTA). Please note that although Transportation Permits are issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, they do not supercede the provincial requirement or authority provided under WAPPRITTA, as they are based on less restrictive requirements than the province has imposed.

  • In situations where the required information is missing or in question, animal products will be detained pending verification of legality. Where the hunter cannot or will not provide the information necessary, seizures may occur and/or charges may be laid.

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