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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The objectives of the Ministry of Environment's wildfire management strategies are:

  • to protect the things that are most important to people;
  • to allow fire to play a more natural and beneficial role on the landscape; and
  • to reduce the chance of the extreme costs that have become common in fire management jurisdictions all over North America and around the world.


Firefighting Priorities

The Ministry of Environment assesses every wildfire and makes a decision about the best way to manage each fire.  Many factors are considered, including what's being threatened, firefighter safety, current and forecast weather, fire behaviour and fuel types.  Wildfires threatening human life and communities are always the ministry's top priorities, followed by major public infrastructure, valuable timber and remote properties.

Fire is a natural and essential ecological process in Saskatchewan's boreal forests.  The Ministry of Environment believes that healthy, vibrant forests that are naturally renewed by fire, or through forest harvesting that mimics the patterns of natural fire, are in the best interests of northern residents, businesses and the province.  It is not always possible, or appropriate, to put out every wildfire.


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