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Friday, March 01, 2024


Clean Air Act
Protects Saskatchewan's air quality so risks to human health and ecosystem health are minimized. It regulates the emission of air contaminants and the permitting of the construction, alteration or operation of "industrial sources" of contaminants, "incinerators" and "fuel burning equipment".

Environmental Assessment Act
Requires environmental assessment and Ministerial approval before any "development" may proceed. There are provisions for public input on Environmental Impact Statements and the Minister is given the power to order public information meetings, or an inquiry, prior to an assessment approval decision.

Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010
Protects air, land, water resources and ecosystems of the province by managing and regulating potentially harmful activities and substances. It prohibits discharges that may adversely affect the environment, requires notification of such discharges, allows the Minister to investigate discharges and issue Environmental Protection Orders.


Clean Air Regulations
Set out the requirements for applications for permits to construct, alter or operate industrial sources, incinerators or fuel burning equipment, provide for reporting of accidental discharges, prohibit concentrations of air contaminants in excess of permitted quantities or which exceed the limits outlined in an appendix to the regulations. Other features include the prohibition of burning trash, garbage, industrial waste or any other material or waste.

Halocarbon Control Regulations
Control the use of halocarbons that have ozone depleting and global warming potential. They prohibit the manufacture, use or sale of any product containing a halocarbon used for air conditioning, refrigerant, fire extinguishing or that acts as a propellant or sterilant. They require a person to be certified in the proper recovery, recycling and handling of halocarbons.

Mineral Industry Environmental Protection Regulations
Regulate the mining and milling industry in Saskatchewan such as uranium, potash, sodium sulphate, coal, diamonds, gold and base metals, and silica. They provide for the permitting and operation of "pollutant control facilities" at mine sites. They require approval of a decommissioning and reclamation plan and the furnishing of security to assure the performance of the plan as pre-conditions to the construction, alteration or extension of a mining site.

Potash Refining Air Emission Regulations
Require potash refineries to keep discharge particulate matter below a specified level and to conduct regular testing to ensure that it stays at or below that level. Discharges in excess of the specified level, or accidental discharges, require submission of a report detailing how emissions will be reduced.

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