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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Permits can be obtained at your local Ministry of Environment field office or, if available, in a PDF.

Hunting with a Disability Permit Application  
A number of physically disabled people enjoy hunting but their disability prevents them from hunting normally. Some disabled persons may qualify for a permit to allow them to hunt from a vehicle or use a vehicle to hunt in a manner that is normally prohibited by the wildlife regulations. All requests for disabled hunter permits should be made through the nearest Ministry of Environment office and will be reviewed by a conservation officer.

Licence Vendor Application  [ Download PDF ]
To facilitate the appointment of new licence vendors in an area where sufficient service to the public is not already provided for by existing vendors. All requests for approval to become a new licence vendor shall be forwarded to the nearest Ministry of Environment office and reviewed by a conservation officer.

Application to Hunt With or Assist Treaty Indian Subsistence Hunter  [ Download PDF ]
To allow non-Indian family members the ability to assist a Treaty Indian subsistence hunter while he/she is hunting wildlife for food. Family members include a father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, child or spouse. Applications will be reviewed by your local conservation officer and, if granted, permits must be carried at all times and produced upon request of an officer.

Competitive Fishing Event Application Form  [ Download PDF ]
In Saskatchewan, a Competitive Fishing Event (CFE) is defined as an event with 25 or more participants who angle for the purpose of winning prizes or money. CFE organizers are required to obtain a license issued by Saskatchewan Environment in order to hold a tournament or derby. Completed application permits for a CFE can be taken to the nearest Ministry of Environment office for processing.

Application for Outfitter's Licence Form  [ Download PDF ]

Surrender of Outfitter's Licence Form  [
Download PDF ]

Application for an Export Permit for Wild Game Taken Under First Nation Bylaws
Download PDF ]

To provide the public with a legitimate use of dead, or accidentally killed, provincially protected wildlife species, and to protect against the illegal killing or marketing of wildlife.

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