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Sunday, July 05, 2020

There are many types of mines found throughout the province. To protect the environment and human health, mining activities are regulated under The Mineral Industry Environmental Protection Regulations, 1996.


The following are permit application descriptions for any mining initiative or project. Contact the Ministry of Environment or the Client Service Office for more information.

Application to Construct, Install, Alter, or Extend a Pollutant Control Facility
A company wishing to construct or significantly alter a mine site must apply for an approval from the Ministry of Environment.

Application for Approval of Decommissioning Plan and Fund
Decommissioning plans and funds, a requirement for all operating pollutant control facilities, must be approved by the Minister and have a requirement to be reviewed at least every five years.

Application to Operate a Pollutant Control Facility
Specific requirements are needed in order to receive an approval to operate a pollutant control facility. Decommissioning and reclamation plans and confirmation of assurance funds are to be provided to and approved by the Minister.

Application to Decommission and Reclaim a Pollutant Control Facility
A company wanting to close a pollutant control facility must inform the Minister 60 days prior to closure and be prepared to implement their decommissioning and reclamation plan.

Application to Temporarily Close a Pollutant Control Facility
Any owner or operator of a pollutant control facility that wants to temporarily close the facility for a period of greater than 180 consecutive days requires approval from the Ministry of Environment.

Application for Release from Decommissioning and Reclamation Requirements
Any person or owner after having decommissioned or reclaimed a pollutant control facility can apply to the Ministry of Environment for a complete or partial release from the decommissioning and reclamation plan. Detailed information is required to ensure it meets the requirements of the approval.


Mineral Exploration

The Saskatchewan Mineral Exploration and Government Advisory Committee (SMEGAC) has developed the Mineral Exploration Guidelines for Saskatchewan to assist government and industry in the application and approval process for activities on land administered by the Ministry of Environment.

This guide provides information to assist in the planning, initiation and completion of a mineral exploration program in a fashion that will help minimize environmental impacts and meet relevant legislative requirements.

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