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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
  • Hunters transporting big game animals during an antlerless season are required to keep evidence of species and sex. During the regular moose or elk season, antlers must accompany a bull moose.
  • Carcasses transported separately from hides must have either the tail or the lower hind leg from the hock joint down attached with the hide still in place.
  • Carcasses must be properly tagged when delivered to a butcher for cooling, cutting and packaging. Provided hides are properly tagged and the species identification parts are attached to the carcass, the hides can be kept, sold to hide dealers or left at a Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation hide depot.
  • Hunters may now share an unprocessed big game carcass with their hunting partners without requiring a permit.  The successful hunter must provide documentation consisting of the hunter's name, signature, licence number, species of game and date of harvest.  The individual possessing the unprocessed meat must have this information readily available to an enforcement officer.
  • Legally tagged big game may be taken out of the province without an Export Permit as long as the licence holder travels with the game.
  • Legally tagged raw big game hides may be exported if a big game hide seal is attached to the hide.
  • Any wildlife or wildlife parts not accompanying the licensed hunter or wildlife not taken under authority of a hunting licence, including antlers, claws or skulls, require an Export Permit to be taken out of the province.  Permits are available at all ministry offices.
  • Packages for shipping wildlife within or outside the province must be marked with the sender's name, address, hunting licence number and contents.
  • No person, other than a Saskatchewan resident, shall import wildlife into Saskatchewan from another province or country, under the authority of a game licence, without first obtaining an Import Permit from a Ministry of Environment office.
  • A Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Permit is required to export bears out of Canada.  Hunters from the United States accompanying their properly tagged bears are exempt.

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