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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fees include GST (Goods and Services Tax)

Wildlife Habitat Certificate

The ministry’s automated licensing system will ensure that any purchase of a hunting licence will also include a 2013 Wildlife Habitat Certificate. - $10.79

Game Birds

A Federal Migratory Game Bird Permit, the applicable Saskatchewan game bird licence and a Wildlife Habitat Certificate are all required to hunt waterfowl. 

Migratory Game Bird Permit (only available at post offices) - $17.85
Saskatchewan Resident Game Bird Licence - $10.79
Canadian Resident Game Bird Licence - $56.91
Non-resident Game Bird Licence - $113.83

Youth Game Licence

(Saskatchewan Residents only)
(includes game bird and a first white-tailed deer licence) - $8.83
Persons aged 12 to 18 years (inclusive)

White-tailed Deer

First Saskatchewan Resident $32.38Antlerless (Saskatchewan Residents only) - $19.62
Canadian Resident Draw - $137.38
Guided (Canadian and Non-residents) - $274.76


Saskatchewan Resident - $32.38
Saskatchewan Resident Draw - $53.97


Saskatchewan Resident - $32.38
Saskatchewan Resident Draw - $53.97
Guided Canadian Resident - $161.92
Guided Non-resident - $323.83

Mule Deer

Saskatchewan Resident Archery - $37.29
Saskatchewan Resident Draw - $37.29
Saskatchewan Resident Antlerless Draw - $19.62

Barren Ground Caribou

Residents of Zone 76 only - $21.59

Black Bear

Saskatchewan Resident - $16.68
Canadian Resident - $53.97
Guided (Canadian and Non-residents) - $161.92

Fur Licences

(Saskatchewan Residents only):South Saskatchewan - $30
Fur Conservation Area (available at Ministry of Environment offices only) - $10
Youth - available with Youth Game Licence upon completion of the Trapper Education Course available only at Ministry of Environment offices - Free
Treaty Indian (available at local band offices) - Free

Fur Dealer Licences

Resident - $50
Each agent (maximum of three) - $50
Non-resident - $350

Duplicate Seals

(available at Ministry of Environment offices) - $5.40

Lost/Destroyed Seals or Ledgers (Replacements)

Harvest ledgers and big game seals that have been registered (activated)
with a licence may only be replaced at a ministry office.  Hunters will be required to complete a Statutory Declaration describing the circumstances of the loss before the appropriate seal or ledger may be replaced.

Lost/Destroyed Licences (Reprints)

Licences may be reprinted online on your personal computer, at a Ministry of Environment Office (no charge) or within 24 hours of purchase from a private licence issuer.

Guided Licence

Hunters purchasing a guided licence must have secured the services of an outfitter.

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